Monday, May 08, 2006

My surreal......

Life and loneliness merges into a single strand of existence and accumulates beneath the sodium vapor street lights like rust on forgotten swords….
I wait in the shadows where the horizon has spilled onto the vast oceans of shelved feelings. At the corner of my room a bottle of thoughts rolls from side to side.
Outside, the sand storm rages it had been.....for five thousand years. What is it that separates life from death, joy from sorrow, the happy from the sad.....I keep asking myself. But the mountains don't echo the answer back at me. The river that used to flow down my bed has dried up long ago, the debris of the sunken beliefs lie there like ancient carcasses.The storm grows stronger…."Are you smiling at me?" I shout the question out to the silhouette under the street lamps.
She replies in a voice that sounds of a thousand ankle bells on my empty consciousness .“Your mind has ripped apart and your thoughts are all over the streets!" I hear the laughter again and it echoes down the empty hallway.
I try not to look into those ocean blue eyes as I pull myself back in place but the chains of her fragrance bind me to them. The storm rages on for two hundred more years as I stand there in the shadows watching her. She never ceases to smile......I do not even notice when the darkness gives way and my refuge reveals.....She stretches her hand through the mist and takes mine, mercilessly drowning me in the Deep Ocean of her eyes.

"Why..." I could only whisper....but her wings have stretched out in flight and I am left on the beaches of the earth where surges of intoxicating emotions wash on to my soul.


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i should say it's a nice poem but definitely not flawless.although the beginning seems to have a speed of its own,i think it deadens at the end which might just make the readers feel as if they are experiencing something intangible.but i should also add that the poem has got a certain je ne sais qua about a very good going indeed!

At 2:54 AM, Blogger BadhriNath said...

I dont know about the above comment. But this post appealed to me :)


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